How to treat my blends

You should drink HenkeBier however you want. If you would like some guidelines though, I suggest you drink it around 13C or 55F. Make sure it hasn’t moved a lot for a couple of days prior to popping it, so the sediment is stuck to the bottom or the side of the bottle (depending if you stored it horizontally or vertically). The sediment could add some unwanted flavors to the beer. If you store horizontally, it’s best served from a wine/lambic basket.

I recommend storing the beer for a while to give it some time to settle down. Cellaring for a couple of months to a couple of years is definitely possible. I suggest drinking my fruited beers within the first six months to a year, because fruit flavors will be at their prime while the beer is relatively fresh. Unfruited blends could be cellared for up to a couple of years.


When I started releasing my beer to the public last year, the batches were extremely small. I was still learning and experimenting a lot to make sure I could improve my blends in the future, so creating multiple smaller blends was a way to speed up that learning process. I am now trying to release bigger batches to make sure as many people who want to try my beer, will be able to, though batches are still extremely small compared to other brewers and blenders.


For 2022, I’m trying to have two releases, one in the first quarter and one in the third or fourth quarter. Every release will be in a set of three beers. Every release will be announced in advance by e-mail. If you want to stay up to date, please subscribe to the mailing list.

I will also try to attend some festivals this year (if possible and I get an invite of course) and my beer might be available in certain spots (shops and bars) in The Netherlands in very small quantities.

Payments & Shipping

Payments used to be possible only by iDeal (The Netherlands) and Bancontact (Belgium) but recently I have been able to add PayPal to that list to make sure people from outside of NL and BE are able to buy my blends. For PayPal there is an added transaction fee of 4% to cover their costs.

Shipping is now possible within the majority of Europe. I’m trying to make shipping as cheap as possible and I look for cheaper options regularly. Same goes for packaging. Quality is number one though, I want my blends to reach you in one piece.