6,5 % abv

Zavi is a blend of classic Dutch Gerstes that were macerated on raspberries and elderflower blossoms after being aged for an average of 24 months in used merlot barrels. It was bottled on the 2nd of July 2023.

This beer is a blend of three different base Gerstes that all have been aged for 24 months in used merlot barrels. After aging, this blend has macerated on a very rich amount of raspberries. During this macerating process, elderflower blossoms were hand foraged and de-stemmed. The blossoms were then cold-steeped for a short period of time in a part of the blend to extract the elderflower aromas, and then blended back together.

This beer was named after my brothers second child, his beautiful son Zavi, who was born around the day this beer was bottled.

I drank my first elderflower raspberry beer from De Cam and I love that combo ever since. Note; this is not a blend of Wengi and Adoxa but a whole other beer.

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