7,6 % abv

Ophelia is a blend of two Dutch gerstes macerated on white Ophelia peaches for a couple of months before being bottled on the 5th of November, 2021.

I really enjoyed my first white peach beer, so I wanted to try and recreate it, and make it better at the same time. In my opinion the peach aroma was absolutely awesome, but it was a tad too sour and had no head retention. Time to try and improve that!

I decided to blend two beers with a moderate acidity, since the Ophelia peaches I chose were quite acidic and would expectedly add quite a lot of acidity to the beer.

The two oak fermented and aged gerstes that were blended together have an average maturation time of 15 months, one of 19 months and one of 11 months old. The older one was quite funky, while the younger one was pretty smooth. Both had moderate levels of acidity. They were blended together before macerating on the white peaches.

I think this blend came together pretty well. The head retention is great, the peach aroma and flavor is really out there and the acidity really hit my sweet spot. In this beer I have used about 300 grams per liter of fruit.

I hope you will enjoy this beer just as much as I do!

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