7,0 % abv

Liyah is a blend of two beers, bottled on December the 24th, 2021.

The “base” beer (about 85% of the blend) is a barrelaged classic saison fermented super dry with a Belgian saison strain after which a specific Brettanomyces-blend was added. This Brett blend called Amalgamation II produces a wide variety of flavors, ranging from the intense funky barnyard esters all the way to super fruity esters. This beer had come out very Brett-forward.

The second beer in the blend is a classic Dutch gerste that I have fermented with loads of passion fruit. The intense acidity from the passion fruit was really noticeable in the beer, and was very in your face.

When I had the blending session, I really liked that base Brett saison with a bit of sourness added to it. The saison yeast itself (and the Brett) didn’t add any sourness to the beer, so I decided blending it with a sour beer. I tried a couple of variations, and I noted that the passion fruit notes blended in very well with the fruity Brett-esters. That’s when I decided to blend the two.

Do not expect a passion fruit sour here. This is a saison with a small portion of a passion fruit gerste added to it (about 15% of the total volume) to enhance the flavors of the saison and create a nice blend with lots of funkiness and a moderate acidity. I think it ended up very crushable, I really enjoy my Brett saisons with a bit of sourness to them.

This beer was named after my brothers first child, his beautiful daughter Liyah, who was born around the day this beer was bottled.

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