6,8 % abv

Cerasus is a blend of classic Dutch gerstes that were aged for a total of 17 months macerated on Nordic and Schaarbeekse sour cherries before being bottled on the the 9th of July, 2022.

Ever since I got into wild ales, I really loved krieks and I was looking forward to trying to create some myself one day. After my friend Peter offered me a bunch of cherries from a couple of friends of his, I never doubted and used them in this kriek-inspired beer.

The base beers are classic Dutch Gerstes with an average age of 17 months. After this, I put them on the cherries and aged it for another 10 months. Longer aging times on cherries really let the almond and cinnamon-notes from the pits shine. An element I really like in this beer. The total fruit intensity is about 330 grams of cherries per liter.

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